Boilers can last for decades with proper maintenance. However, if your boiler has become unreliable or less safe due to age and corrosion or if it has a leak-prone polybutylene radiant piping system, it may be time to contact Rapid Flo Plumbing for a quote on boiler installation.


Our skilled technicians have been providing expert boiler replacement, installation, maintenance, and boiler repair in Surrey and across the Lower Mainland. We can provide our customer’s with top quality makes and models to suite your specific needs and budget.


Ready to upgrade to a high-efficiency gas boiler? Need to replace your old, broken-down boiler?


When you make the decision to install a new boiler, you have many choices: while gas boilers are probably the most common, electric, oil and solid fuel boilers can also be good choices for a Surrey boiler installation. The cost of initial installation can be offset by lower operating and repair costs and there are rebate programs to give homeowners and business owners an incentive to adopt more energy-efficient heating. In addition, most modern boilers are generally smaller than furnaces making them much easier to install in space-challenged condos and offices.


Signs your boiler may be in need of repairs:


  • Water Leaking from boiler or pipes
  • Steam or Gas leaking from boiler or pipes
  • No hot water
  • Unusual noises – grinding, clunking, banging
  • Boiler shuts down frequently for no reason
  • Damaged or malfunctioning pipes and valves
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Boiler fails to turn on
  • No heat or not heating properly


If your boiler exhibits any or all of these symptoms, give the boiler experts at Rapid Flo Plumbing a call. We offer free phone consultations and will clarify all your Boiler problems with you.


Boiler Installation & Replacement


Most homes are heated with a forced air furnace or by electric baseboards. There are other heating methods as well, but here we will focus on radiant in-floor heating and boilers. Radiant in-floor heat involves the use of low-temperature heating elements within walls and floors. The heating elements warm the floor which in turn warms the entire living space. Advantages include reduced heating costs and a decrease in airborne particles due to lower air circulation – a boon to allergy sufferers. Also, the warmth of the floors will keep occupants warm far longer in the event of a power interruption.


Using Boilers for Radiant Heat


Though some in floor radiant heat systems are powered by electricity, more common are systems that use water heated in a boiler, which itself can be fired by gas, oil or electricity. We have decades of experience with both residential and commercial boiler installation, maintenance and repair.


Boiler Maintenance


Boilers are reliable workhorses, but a lack of maintenance can result in leaking of poisonous carbon monoxide and possibly even an explosion. Proper maintenance is, therefore, essential. Despite the need for stringent maintenance – as legislated in British Columbia – boilers provide the most economical means of delivering large volumes of hot water.


Different boilers have different maintenance procedures and we always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Boiler service should always be performed by qualified personnel and our boiler technicians can advise you on the correct service requirements for your boiler.


Our boiler services include:


  • Complete visual inspection
  • Pipe and flue inspection
  • Testing water pressure
  • Testing water temperature
  • Check system diagnostics and error codes
  • Boiler flushing
  • Annual maintenance programs