Backflow Prevention

Our backflow prevention keeps water free of contaminants at all times

This is vital to the health of anyone who uses water in your home or commercial property. At Rapid Flo Plumbing we understand the importance of ensuring your water system is safe from backflow issues.  We offer quality backflow prevention services for both residential and commercial customers. Like any plumbing service we offer, this is fully guaranteed and backed by our expert team of fully certified and insured plumbers.


Ensuring your current backflow prevention system is operating correctly, or having a backflow preventer installed is your first line of defense against harmful backflow from the sewer. We provide both so you are protected no matter what.


Backflow prevention is a smart investment for home and business owners. We strategically install backflow preventers to protect your water supply as close to the source as possible.

Why Prevent Backflow?

Non-potable water isn’t considered safe for human consumption- it can contain heavy metals, bacteria, chemicals, and other contaminants. If that non-potable water enters your drinking water system, you may consume, wash with, or otherwise come into contact with substances that are harmful to your health and the health of others.


What kind of backflow prevention devices do we install?

  • Air gap backflow devices
  • Double check valves
  • Reduced pressure principle devices
  • Pressure vacuum breaker assembly

How Often Does Backflow Prevention Devices Need to be Tested?

Most of the cities in Lower Mainland require annual testing of all backflow prevention devices. If testing indicates a failure, businesses or residences are required to repair the equipment and submit it to a new round of testing following repair.


Why wait until backflow related damage has already occurred? Our backflow testing and installation provides peace of mind and protects you from damage to your property and person. Call us today to schedule your backflow test or preventer installation.