You may have bought a new house and are seeking out for a hot water tank service; or is it time to replace your old water heater with a new one. Or you might even be looking to install a more efficient water heater to save energy and lower your monthly costs.


Whatever your need is, and if you’re looking for a top local water heater installation company in Surrey and lower mainland area, you don’t need to look any further. At Rapid Flo Plumbing, we’ve got a great and trusted water tank installation team at your service.

Considerations When Planning a Water Tank Installation

You may choose to never maintain a water heater, but there will come a time when it will just give up. That’s when you will either need to get it repaired or call a trusted water heater service to install a replacement.


Our expert technicians can guide you to understand the pros and cons of choosing tankless water heaters vs tanked water heaters, along with the costs associated with each option.


Here are the different types of heaters that we install:
Tankless Water Heaters
Gas Water Heaters
Electric Water Heaters
When shopping for a new water heater, things you should consider include:
  • The type of unit best for you
  • Its size (larger is not necessarily better)
  • The energy source (gas, oil, electricity, etc.)
  • Venting requirements
  • Initial costs: purchase and installation
  • Future costs: fuel and maintenance


Signs of Needing a Water Heater Repair:
Waiting for the problem to get worse is never a good idea. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms give us a call!
  • Rumbling in the pipes/tank
  • Low hot water levels
  • Slow heating time
  • Noise in the tank
  • Water accumulation
  • Any other unusual occurrences

How Much Does Water Heater Installation Cost?

The cost of installation depends on a number of variables, including the type of water heater and your current plumbing configuration. For the most accurate estimate, we recommend contacting us, we believe in up-front, flat-rate pricing. Connect with your local Surrey plumber to discuss the details of your project. You can also give us a call at 604-339-4842.


Water Heater Maintenance

Like so many other plumbing items in your home, your water heater is easy to forget. However, they are subject to wear and tear and do require regular maintenance in order to provide you with long life and reduced energy costs. In particular, conventional hot water tanks need to be flushed once a year to remove built-up sediment. Not doing so reduces the amount of water the tank holds, increases energy costs and can drastically shorten the life of the tank.


Our certified technicians can install and repair any make of water heater. We offer prompt, 24-hour emergency service so that, in the event of a problem, you will have hot water back in your home in the shortest possible time.